Friday, October 17, 2008

It's Pumpkin Time!

Kate and Ryan in a sea of pumpkins!

It's mid-October...must be time to go to the pumpkin patch!

Kate, Ryan and cousin Theodore. Ryan and Theodore are only 8 days apart in age. He is also one of 4 boys! His easy-going personality gets along well with Kate (and Ryan).

Unlike last year when it was quite chilly, this year we went during a heat wave with the Santa Ana winds blowing. This October has just been one Santa Ana after another. I'm ready for some cool fall weather.

I didn't tell Kate to sit down...she just walks over to the bales of hay, sat down, folded her hands and smiled up at me. :) It was funny because usually when taking her picture, it's all I can do to get her to look at me/the camera.

Mommy and pretty Kate.

Even though it was going to be warm, I put Kate in pants because last year she cried from the hay scratching her legs. It was so bright, Ryan kept borrowing my sunglasses!

3 year old Kate with a silly smile.

Buddies, Colton and Kate, ready for school. Kate doesn't really take a backpack, she just likes to wear it.

Is it just me, or is this picture a glimpse into Kate's teenage years?

It makes me smile to see her wearing her Dora backpack that is so big it goes past her rear end! She doesn't care though. She packs it with all different things...her stuffed cat, a coloring book, her tea set, or food. Once I couldn't find the bag of lunch meat, and found it 2 days later with some string cheese and a yogurt in her backpack. She must've been planning a picnic.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Kate Dressed For The Morning

Kate on a preschool morning.

Two mornings a week Kate has preschool, and Mom cleans house (yay), and two mornings a week she has speech, and Mom goes to the boys' school (5min. away) and works in their classrooms for an hour. One morning a week we're free agents until we pick Ryan up at lunch time.

It was such a hot week in early October, it felt like summer all over again. Actually, it was hotter than summer had been, so I was trying to keep her hair off of her neck. For some reason this picture looks cool outside, but you could tell in the morning, it was going to be a blazing hot day (and it was!)

This is the first time I've braided Kate's hair, and she smiled and signed 'pretty' in the mirror. Then we turned on the TV to the new, very cute cartoon 'Ni Hao Kailin' about a little Chinese girl and Kailin has her hair the exact same way. Kate did notice her hair!

My sister-in-law laughs that I iron Kate's clothes. I know, I laugh back, I don't even iron my own clothes unless I absolutely have to, but with her clothes, it never seems to be a burden.