Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wanna Hear Something Funny?

*Kate goes into the dvd cabinet (which she's not supposed to do), and out of all the dvds, (and there's a lot), she pulls out two, and points, not to the TV, but to the dvd player. I look at the dvds now in my hand, and they are Mulan (which she has never seen) and Big Bird Goes to China (which she's only seen once!). No, I am not kidding. I just looked at her, like this was a joke, or something, and only said, 'What the...?' (Okay, am I being videotaped? Where's the camera?) The boys were not in the room, or I would have thought they had handed them to her. She stood there waiting, and I guess I took too long because she went and got two more dvds...the 2 sign language dvds. Coincidence?

*In the church nursery last Sunday, the teacher said that Kate played with the babydoll and stroller. She laughed as she told me how Kate did not have one baby, but rather two babies, each in their own stroller. In each stroller she had placed the baby, a blanket, with their bottle, a toy, and a snack for them. She tried to push two (separate) strollers with a purse over her shoulder.....
..and a cellphone held up to her ear...Hi! Hi...uh-huh. Hi. (Okay, technically, she was holding the phone backwards, but that's still pretty funny.)

(Anyone who knows me well can picture the joy and laughs I got out of that. She's just like her Mommy!)

*We're driving home from Vacation Bible School, and Kate is making her 'Ryans' bugging me' fussing sound. Now you have to visualize this...I look in my rear-view mirror, and there is my darling little Ryan's little face, looking just as sweet as pie, looking out the windows. I turn around to tell Kate we'll be home soon, and what do I see but Ryan reaching over to her car seat with the tip of one pointer finger touching her sippy cup in her hands, as if it were glued there, and him, trying to look casually around as if he has no idea that anything is amiss. He seemed to be completely enjoying that she was flipping out with so little effort on his part. Oh, brotherly love. Oiy.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Baptism, Kate Turns 2!

Our family at church the morning of Kate's baptism.
Ignore my little angel in the red shirt (Ryan). He was not in one of his more cooperative moods.
The baptism was during the children's message...
My mom and dad, Kevin's brother's family, and one of my brother's families shared the morning with us and Pastor Scott Mitchell.
I promise you, I did not teach her the "Loser" sign. I have no idea what she is doing here (LOL)...I didn't even see her do it, then 3 different friends, laughing, asked me about it...I guess she was doing it during the service! Uugh! (I know, I know, I should have ironed the dress!...another uugh!)

Okay, I know I'm behind on the blog. The days have been so busy lately! Brendan graduated elementary school (5th grade), and he and Colton finished up the school year, as Ryan finished up preschool for the year. Summer is in full bloom at our house, with swimsuits and beach towels constantly hanging in the bathroom, or going through the laundry, and to top it all off, the washing machine is dying...not good (unless I secretly admit that I'm hoping to get a front loading washer that can wash 2 loads at the same time! :)

Kate was baptized in our Presbyterian church on Father's day. The girl of the day wore a white satin traditional Chinese gown and slippers. We tried to hold her and look somewhat dignified during the baptism, but it was futile, and was like trying to hold a 2 year old Energizer Rabbit...she squirmed and wiggled, and wiggled and squirmed, and tried to dive out of our arms, until we finally put her down amongst the circle of children surrounding us (it was during the children's sermon). She looked victorious, smiled, and immediately made her rounds between her brothers in the group, hugging them. (They looked very proud) Pastor Scott would smile, and patiently continue with the baptism. When he apprehensively took Kate in his arms, not sure what to expect, she surprised all as she went with him, looking beautiful and calm as he baptized her and walked around the congregation with her, while finishing his message. Kevin leans over and whispers to me, "She looks almost calm, and with that dress". I had to agree, as Pastor Scott returned her to us. Then the giggles start because the second Kevin takes her, Kate's legs start going, like she's riding an invisible bike, racing for the finish line. She knows whos-who, little stinker. My heart felt happy seeing her baptized in the Christian church.

Well, Kate also hit the big 02! Although it was her second birthday, it was undoubtedly her first birthday party. We celebrated the day at a park in Poway. It was perfect weather...very warm, with a nice breeze. Lots of food, cake, balloons and girlie presents. I'm used to seeing Tonka trucks, and balls, Hot Wheels and action figures. With Kate there was pink and yellow polka dots, a tea set, a doll that can shower, and a set of Princess "wheels". Each present made me smile. It took Kate a few presents to figure out that these were for her. Ryan kept hugging her and saying, "Happy Birthday Kate!!" (very loudly). This was code for 'This is so great! Look at all this stuff you scored that I can use!...uh, I mean borrow." :)
"Hang on there little better let me try out those wheels for you first...we don't want you hurtin' move it over sister!"