Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Ryan had a Thanksgiving "feast" at his school...dinosaur chicken nuggets, cheetos, carrots and dip, and oreos. Ryan didn't eat anything but the Cheetos, and Kate ate pretty much everything.

Kate's favorite part of any holiday...the food.

I don't know who this kid is, but his hat was cracking me up!! LOL!

Of course we can't leave without a pass at the preschool playground.

I'll race you down!

Come here Kate and smile real big!

Thanksgiving Day at Kevin's brother's house. It was a fun day.

Mom, Dad, Kate & Ryan.

I feel kinda wild and crazy in my leopard skin pants. Come and dance with me!

The tradition at our house is that the day after Thanksgiving, down come all the Autumn decorations, and up goes the tree, outside lights, and all the Christmas decorations. It's a 2 day undertaking.

We're gonna help you, Mom!

Just think of us as your little elves!

You can trust us!

Do you think she was serious about that no-skateboards-in-the-house' thing?

A little cutie in front of the finished tree. (well, minus the tree skirt). She's been pretty good about not pulling the ornaments! Good girl. :)