Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009 - The Year of the Ox

A block and a half away we have some friends with 2 little girls from China. Each year they have a potluck Chinese New Year party where the people are fun, there is so much GREAT food, and lots of little Chinese girls are all playing together. Most of the parents there are Caucasian, (and I believe belong to the FCC - Families with Children From China) and the girls typically range in age from approximately 12 years old, down to about 2. Two years ago was the first time our family went to the party and we were "a waiting family", meaning we were in the process of adopting a child.

A different friend took these two pictures of Kate, and I just love them. Her skin looks so fair and beautiful, and she looks very Chinese. She had an owie under her mouth, but still looked like a cutie.

Practicing with scissors...in case your wondering about Kate's scissor cutting prowess, check out "Kate's Adventures in Hair Cutting".

I love the motion in this picture...you can almost feel the breeze on her.

Kate is so tall (the 95% in height), sometimes she looks like an older child, but she's still only 3.

Brendan, Mom & Bryson

Brendan and Kate

Brendan will always ask, "Are you my best friend Kate? Yeah, you are."The funny thing about this picture, besides Kate giggling, is the background. There's a little girl at a table doing art, kids on the swing set, and one little girl laughing as she is carried away by her dad on his shoulder.

Kate and her security blanket, Ryan.
She still follows Ryan, looks up to him, thinks he's the best and the funniest guy around.

Tickles and kisses always make Kate laugh.A few weeks later the FCC had their Chinese New Year celebration. 300 people come to celebrate their children's Chinese heritage and get together with their friends who have adopted children. It's also a wonderful support group for the children...having friends who have a very similar life and history, many of them having come from the same orphanages.

The food was catered (and great!), and there was a children's dance group. There was also a young girl playing an instrument that I'd never heard of. She was absolutely incredible, could have played with the symphony, and had no music in front of her! There was a standing ovation!
The little children were invited to come out in the dragon head and tail. Very cute. There was a big raffle, and every child was given a beanie baby ox with golden horns, because it's the Year of the Ox. It was a good day, and even Ryan ate with chop sticks!

Kate and Mommy made a lantern in the art room. Kate thought it was a necklace, and kept putting it on! :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

A Sweet Face

Kate is sitting next to me right now...she points to this picture and says, "That me! That me! I cut my hair."
Yes, I know you cut your hair.

My sister asked Kate "What did your Mommy do when you cut your hair?"
Everyone started laughing. Yup, that was pretty much how I looked!

There's a lady at church who always smiles when she sees me coming, knowing I have more clothes & shoes that Kate has outgrown. She volunteers at a community service agency that gives the clothes to families that are really in need. Kate grows so fast that she tends to outgrow her clothes long before they look worn.

A sweet smile. Sometimes I have a glimpse into how Kate will look as an adult, and wonder if she looks very much like her Chinese mom or dad.

Okay, I just had to throw this one in.
We thought we were going to lose Murphy in January. Turns out he had a tumor on his liver. A shaved front leg, a shaved tummy and lots of moolah later, Murphy's tumor is only a bad memory, and he looks younger than he has in a long time. Good dog, Murphy. You're a good dog.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Kate, the Captive Sports Fan

While trying out Kevin's new Chrismas camera, Kate, who was sitting on Dad's lap, leaned back and looked up at me.

I was showing Bryson and Colton how sweet she looked in this picture, and they let me know it looked like her head was not attached to her body. Nice.

Colton has moved from soccer to a recreational basketball league. Kate is the captive sports fan, attending each game.

While "watching" the basketball game, Kate was mothering her kitty, wrapping it up in her red sweater.