Friday, October 5, 2007

Happy Fall Y'All

Well, our computer has been out of commission for almost a month, so I am now typing the entry for early October!

We went to the somewhat-local pumpkin patch called Bates Nut Farm to pick out a pumpkin...Mommy, Ryan and Kate (while the big kids were at school) and we met my sister and my nephew there.

It quickly became evident that we (and everyone else there) had not dressed warm enough! It was a very chilly day!

Kate and Ryan.

Hold on, wait for me guys!

Oh, good grief, I hate it when they make me do things like this....

Doesn't it look like she's climbing right out of the pumpkin?

Yeah, that sounds fun, let's see the horsies!

Oh my gosh, I change my mind! These things are humongous up close! Get me away, get me away!!!

Okay, I'm getting sort of freaked out by all this, and this hay is scratching my legs!

Ryan is holding his Woody and trying to console, and cousin Theodore is just having a good old time. Kate cries as she signs, 'mommy, mommy'.

This one. Yes, definitely, this one right here.

Ever just want to do the chicken dance in the middle of a pumpkin patch?

Honestly! A woman's work is never done!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Kate and Starbucks

Oh my gosh, have you ever heard of this place called Starbucks? My big sister Amanda came down from Seattle for a visit and took me there and she said,

"Uh, yes, we'll have a Strawberries and Cream Frappaccino...extra whip cream, please."

...and I tasted it...

Hold on, just one more drink....


It's like a strawberry Instant Breakfast, but all slushy and cold with whip cream.

Yeah baby, now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout!

This is just delicious. Why hasn't anyone taken me here before?

This is lovely...sitting in the backyard, enjoying my Starbucks drink, with the kids at school. Aaah...finally a chance to relax for a moment.