Saturday, October 31, 2009


Well, here they are in all their glory...Mr. Incredible (without the mask), and Minnie Mouse!

Kate trying to help with the scooping part of jackolantern carving. She draws a face and does some of the scooping, and some of the cleanup, but not the carving.

Mom and Colton in the backyard.

Ryan showing off his pumpkin face. We actually had to make it bigger, you couldn't see any light coming through his little eyes and mouth!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


It's that time again...pumpkin time. It was so close to Halloween, that we snuck and took the guys out of school to join me and Kate at the pumpkin patch. It was a beautiful day.

Ryan, Kate and Colton with their chosen booty.

Ryan inevitably confiscates my sunglasses whenever we come here, it's so bright!

Ryan and Kate both asked (actually, begged) to right the ponies, so here we are. :)

Two years ago when we came here, Kate was very afraid of the ponies. Not now!!
Kate and Ryan checking out small farm animals.

Kate-4 1/2, Ryan-6 and Colton-11 on a pretty day.

Ryan thought he looked very cool as the fat farmer!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Carousel and the Zoo

There's a carousel in front of the San Diego Zoo that my mom used to take us on. My kids love it as well. So when we went to the zoo, Ryan and Kate asked, "Can we go on the Merry Go Round?! Please, please please?"

They're so sweet holding hands...

Mom and the little guys. Ryan -6 and Kate 4 1/2.

The gorilla looks kind of annoyed. : )

Ryan, Kate and Dad.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

FCC Picnic

In early autumn, the local FCC has their Mid Autumn Moon Festival at a local park. Everyone brings their own dinner or small barbeque, or if you're having a hectic day, your own pizza! It's very low key, and lots of fun.

This year we finally got a group photo. Yay!! Kate is in the orange in the middle in front.

Kate and her friend Mae, who lives down the street.

The oldest girls you usually see are about 12 years old. There used to be lots of babies, but what with the adoptions being so much more difficult, and the wait being 3-5 yrs.!, you don't see many babies. I hope that changes. Recently, many people hoping to adopt from China have looked to other countries, due to the difficulties. You can see all their cute faces if you double click on the picture (then just hit the 'back' arrow). I don't know how I used to think Asian people all looked alike. They're so different!

A bunch of sweet little girls, waiting to have their picture taken .

It's a nice enclosed park, where people can "catch up" with the other parents, and the kids can play on the playground.

Moon cakes donated for tasting. They're very expensive. I usually try a quarter piece of one, can't bring myself to finish it, and give it to Kevin.

Kate with her new Halloween shirt, 'Welcome to My Website'.

Mooncakes come in all different flavors.

Colton is a little girl magnet.
I don't know what it is, but they head straight for him and he will play with them or carry them around, like a big brother.

Kate always has such love in her eyes for Colton.

Dad and Kate in the lantern 'parade'.
When the sun sets, everyone gets out their lanterns, store bought, or homemade, and walks around the sidewalk loop, that goes around the park. It looks pretty.

Colton and some very cute little girl he "found". :)
Her parents kept telling her not to bother Colton, or make him carry her, but she and Colton remained buddies throughout the evening, with Colton carrying her through the whole "parade".

Brendan, Ryan, Dad and Kate, all being silly for the camera.

I love this picture of Kevin and Colton, with Kate tucked in between them.

Someone had brought their telescope and let the kids look at the full moon. Kate and Ryan were trying very hard to look, without bumping it at all. If you move it even a tiny bit, you can't see the moon any more. (This was unfortunately learned through experience.)