Thursday, November 27, 2008

Holidays Kids

One day I pick up Ryan from school and he's an Indian...

and the next day he's a Pilgrim!

Smile with your Santa hat on, Kate!

The day we got out all the Christmas decorations, Dad got Mexican food for dinner. Kate is quite the ethnic food eater. She's very open to different foods. (That is brother Brendan's broken arm in the background!)

Mommy and two of her elves :)

Bigfoot found a cozy spot with one of the Santa hats!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving At Kate's School

They have a Thanksgiving "feast" at Kate's preschool, and the parents are were welcome. The "menu" consisted of oreos, dinosaur chicken nuggets, baby carrots with ranch dip, and Cheetos.
The plates and napkins did have a Thanksgiving motif, however, and there was a basket of fake fruit, so, ya know, there was that.

Kate didn't care about the funny menu, though. She was just enjoying herself and kept getting "seconds" on the carrots and ranch dip. You wouldn't have been able to pay the boys to eat carrots when they were three (or probably even now)...with or without the dip. I'm so glad she's still a good eater.

Thanksgiving Day, a week later, was a wonderful, family-filled (rainy) day, and Kate was in her element, happy as can be. Lots of kids and people who love her, we all watched 'A Christmas Story', and of course, there was lots of food and Sparkling Apple Cider! What's not to love?
Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Was Fun!

(I know this is a bit out of order - I'm backtracking a bit to catch up! :)
Our Halloween tradition begins with carving pumpkins in the backyard. We usually get the pumpkins at a pumpkin patch, making a morning of it,then pick up a couple (for whoever didn't go with us) at the grocery store. Then Mom and the kids start scooping out the goop, drawing faces, and carving them.
The older boys usually carve some gruesome face on theirs, but some of the best and funniest pumpkins are the most check out Ryan's pumpkin. I couldn't look at it without smiling. He drew the face and helped clean it out, Mom carved it.

Everyone loves to draw the faces and carve, but for some reason no one likes to help clean up! My goal - if it could possibly come into contact with pumpkin goop,line it with paper, and make cleanup as user-friendly as possible!

Kate's a sucker for holidays. She definitely gets the whole "festivities, food, excitement" thing.

Just me and my big brother Batman.
(Ryan's shirt says 'Do I really have to explain myself?)

Batman Colton, Princess Kate, and Ryan Kenobi headed over to Aunt Mimi's house a couple hours later for pizza and trick-or-treating. They live a block from my parents house, so the kids go trick-or-treating in the same neighborhood that Kevin and I did as kids. A lot of the same people answer the doors, too, which makes it fun.

Kate picked out her own outfit! She loves the whole 'princess' thing, and she knew what she wanted!